500 years on, Imvizar helps commemorate The Battle of Knockavoe

Sarah Fields

We are thrilled to share that we launched our Battle of Knockavoe immersive experience this summer at The Alley Theatre in Strabane, Derry!

Con O'Neill and Manus O'Donnell

After winning a competitive tender process with Derry City and Strabane District Council, we got to work researching and designing the characters: Con O’Neill and Manus O’Donnell - two fearless clan leaders who engaged in a ferocious battle under the cover of nightfall.

500 years on, this exhibition commemorated the Battle of Knockavoe that took place in 1522 - an important moment in the history of Ulster that is now recreated through visitors’ phones. It is the first time this story has ever been brought to life and told in this way.

A real world exhibition enhanced by augmented reality!

The 8-week exhibition at The Alley Theatre featured a mixture of wonderful artwork by Seán Ó Brógáin as well as mannequins adorning replica armour and costumes, with augmented reality (AR) characters brought to life in between. The addition of an AR immersive experience among the physical artwork and character recreations enabled users to truly step back in time to witness the battle in 1522.

Welcome to the immersive experience!

It was great to work with Derry City and Strabane District Council to bring the Battle of Knockavoe to life!

You can download our app to try this experience for yourself or to find other immersive experiences to enjoy here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.