Imvizar wins City of Long Beach AR Challenge

Michael Guerin
January 27, 2022

Best Business Application!

In Spring 2021, the City of Long Beach invited teams to apply for the LB Augmented Reality (AR) Challenge, where they were asked to imagine and create AR experiences that highlight Long Beach's historic past, diverse present, or limitless future.

Innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, startups and solution makers were asked to rise to the Long Beach AR Challenge. They were given the opportunity to create immersive AR experiences Downtown Long Beach, receive technical mentorship support, and unveil their solutions to the public. Submissions were to be made on the Facebook and Instagram Spark AR platform.

Larry Longbeach

As Imvizar, we saw this as a great opportunity demonstrate our AR capability across social platforms. Our submission, 'Larry Longbeach', is a virtual tour guide who appears at various locations across the city to tell stories and give historical context.

While the Imvizar platform will focus on life-size, location-based experiences, we used this as an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to link users to a city experience via a social platform.

Our experience, 'Larry Longbeach - The Virtual Tour Guide' is a location-based character who can appear at multiple points within your town, city or attraction and give users of Facebook and Instagram more information about the place. It also provides users with an interactive way to engage and an AR experience which is easy to share across social media.

Thank to the City of Long Beach and their partners for this wonderful event.

Link to original press release:

Best Business Application Award - City of Long Beach AR Challenge

2nd Place in 'Best World Effect' Category