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Reimagining places and spaces
with immersive storytelling

Join the storytelling revolution.

We live in a world driven by experiences. Visitors expectations are so high, yet they are seldom met. The future of engagement will be driven by a digital experience, but how do you match years of stories with new expectations?

Augmented Reality provides us with a new method of storytelling, one which enables our users to truly step back in time. We design experiences which visitors consume via their own phone, life-sized immersive experiences which helps users bridge the gap beyond their wildest imagination.

This transformative technology is not for everyone, but if you are ready to create a new world, join the revolution!


AR Experiences

We create world-class, augmented reality experiences for visitor attractions, towns, cities and cultural landmarks
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Experience Platform

If you have created a cultural AR app, you can upload the experience to Imvizar and reach an audience across the globe
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News and Updates

"Imvizar is set to become the world's first consumer streaming platform for AR, a platform where creatives can share their experiences with the culturally curious all across the world”.

Miguel Ponce de Leon
Chief Technologist
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We are happy to answer any question you might have about creating a new AR experience or adding an existing one to the Imvizar platform
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